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Fort Wayne Medical Society – Alliance


FWMS Spring Alliance Maria Krach, President



As a society, we are encouraged to recycle. I guess the Fort Wayne Medical Society Alliance is following suit by recycling a past president. I graciously accepted that request to serve in 1999 and I am now serving as your 2016-17 FWMSA President. My life is quite different now, as I recently became an empty nester. When I first served as the FWMSA President, I was a young mother with four children under the age of 7. The Alliance is different in some ways but similar in many, especially our mission to connect our physician families with health causes that matter. We continue to reach out to the community with two very successful programs to educate the young about future careers in the medical field at Doctors Day on March 5, 2016, and provide health information and prom dresses to Fort Wayne teens at Cinderella Dress Day March 19, 2016. For area young people pursuing medical careers, we provide scholarship monies to students in need.


We have built alliances with others in our community and have established a Friend of the Alliance segment to expand our membership. We have recycled an older tradition by linking up with the Dental Alliance to plan future projects in our community or just get together socially. We are excited about working with IU School of Medicine FW students and staff at the August 2016 Docs vs Suits annual fundraiser to help raise money for the medical school. The Alliance has supported many great medical and health-related causes in the community with our time and financial contributions, such as Matthew 25, Super Shots, Healthier Moms and Babies, to a pilot Bully Busting Program at Fort Wayne Community Schools, and the Arts Literary Program through the FW Ballet. Our first Member/Service Project Day was conducted last fall at the Community Harvest Food Bank and we hope to have a presence next year at the Fort-4-Fitness marathon.


I am personally interested in being part of the new task force to work with FWMS to increase physician involvement in legislative issues. Three young physicians and three that have been practicing for many years have joined the task force. I care about the future of medicine in Northeast Indiana. I am a Registered Dietitian and have a private practice in Fort Wayne. My husband Dan is an Ophthalmologist and has been practicing in Fort Wayne for twenty four years. We have two children presently in medical schools in Indiana and two studying biology at Indiana University and Notre Dame.


Consider being recycled. Rejoin the Alliance (if you have taken a hiatus) or get involved for the first time, even if you have been in the area for a while. I know you will be glad you did! Please call me if you have questions.


The 21st Annual Doctor’s Day on March 5th was organized by the Fort Wayne Medical Society Alliance Committee of Maria Krach, Deanne Baker, Betty Canavati, Jennifer Bojrab, Preeti Jain, and Dawn Davis. Once again, over 2,200 adults and children attended this Alliance community service event that showcases medical careers, wellness and health information. Over 35 interactive booths were set up by medical professionals in our community. The FWMSA secured funding from Parkview, Lutheran Health Network and SYM Financial to underwrite admission to Science Central. Kingston Healthcare and Lutheran Hospital provided shuttle service from the overflow parking areas. One of the highlights of this year’s event was having the Da Vinci Robotic Surgical System available as an interactive station. In addition, a Da Vinci in-service was provided for the medical students and residents prior to the opening of Doctor’s Day. FWMSA members donated over 20 bags filled with one days’ worth of groceries for the adult drawing and over $300 in prizes for the children’s drawings, as well as three bicycles. The children’s gifts were donated by Dr. Keith Davis and Dr. Isa Canavati. Thank you to the many volunteers who made the day possible!


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