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Medical Alliance


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To support medical education.
To promote community health education.
To protect the future of medicine through legislative advocacy.
To establish a support base with physician spouses who have similar goals and interests.
To raise funds to: sponsor a Super Shot site, support the Health Careers Scholarships, and assist with any special health care related needs or requests that arise during the fiscal year.

AMA-FOUNDATION—Supports excellence in research and education in our nation’s medical schools.
CINDERELLA DRESS DAY—An annual event where used prom dresses are collected and donated to high school girls.
DOCTOR’S DAY—An annual event where we rent Science Central for a day and give elementary school children an opportunity to learn more about how to keep their bodies healthy.
HEALTH CAREERS SCHOLARSHIPS—Each year, three or four nursing, radiology, or surgical technician students receive a $1000 scholarship to help them with their medical education.
LEGISLATION—The Alliance co-sponsors a 12th District Legislative Workshop for physicians to interact with their legislators and discuss health care issues.
MEDICAL SCHOOL LIAISON—The Alliance supports medical students at IU-Fort Wayne by providing snacks and beverages throughout the school year.

FALL MEMBERSHIP—An opportunity for new members to the medical community to meet old members.
HOLIDAY LUNCHEON—Festive get together with a fundraising component to it.
SPRING MEETING—Last social meeting before schools out and summer begins.
BOOK CLUB—Meets the first Tuesday of the month from Sept. through May at 9:30 a.m. to discuss a pre-selected book.
SHARE AND CARE—Provide support or comfort to medical families in need.
YEARBOOK—A handy member’s directory with all events and activities listed. This is underwritten by generous sponsors.

Executive Leadership

President: Veydra van de Leur
President-Elect: Angie Collins
Secretary: Tania Boyd
Treasurer: Nasreen Ahmed
Immediate Past-President: Preeti Jain

Committees and Chairs

AMA Foundation: Jeri Sidel
Book Discussion Group: Joan Richardson
Cinderella Dress Day: Char Pierce, Jane Wuthrich & Veydra van de Leur
Communications: Jennifer Bojrab, Angie Collins, Elizabeth Devecchi & Jane Wuthrich
Doctor’s Day: Maria Krach & Deanne Baker
Legislation: Cami Pond
Medical Education Liaisons: Wendi Wallet & Julie Kolettis
Membership: Betty Canavati & Heather Tanner
Alliance BBQ and Docs vs Suits: Betty Canavati & Cami Pond
Fall Membership Event: Betty Canavati & Angie Collins
Holiday Bazaar & Luncheon: Jennifer Bojrab & Dawn Davis
Member Election Brunch: Preeti Jain
Scholarship: Michelle Collins-Austin
Share & Care: Veydra van de Leur & Marcia Laker

Calendar of Events

March 1, 2014 – Doctor’s Day at Science Central

March 20, 2014 – Executive Board Meeting at IU Med School

April 12, 2014 – Cinderella Dress Day

April 17, 2014 – Election Brunch & General Meeting – FWMS

May 2014 – Annual Meeting with FWMS & Installation of Officers

May 15, 2014 – Pass the Gavel Board Meeting

**Call Fort Wayne Medical Society (420-1011) with any questions**

Fort Wayne Medical Society Alliance

Veydra van de Leur, President

Fall has flown by and winter is upon us. The FWMS Alliance has had a fantastic autumn with many events to keep us busy.

We would like to congratulate Maria Krach for receiving the ‘Betty Wolverton’ award in September at the ISMA-Alliance meeting in Indianapolis. The Betty Wolverton Service Award is given to recognize devoted long standing service to family, community and the Alliance in the State of Indiana. I cannot think of a more deserving recipient. Maria’s leadership skills have inspired many of us to follow in her footsteps. Maria’s service to the youth in the Greater Allen County area and the impact she has made through Doctor’s Day has been profound! Over the past 10 years, more than 22,000 adults and children have participated in this Alliance hosted community service project. More than 45 healthy food bags have been distributed, over 30 bikes with helmets, and hundreds of prizes have been awarded to the children in attendance. This is an amazing accomplishment!

Maria has promoted careers in medicine and medical-related fields and has shown the Allen County community that physicians and the FWMS Alliance care though her leadership by coordinating Doctor’s Day. She has done all of this diligently, tirelessly, and without thought of recognition. The Fort Wayne Medical Society Alliance would like to thank and congratulate Maria.

The Membership Committee, co-chaired by Heather Tanner and Betty Canavati, are still busy encouraging physician spouses to support the Alliance. If you haven’t paid your dues, you may do so on our web site at All dues donations are tax deductible.

Our 25th Legislative Workshop was held on October 16th and it was a night to remember. The annual FWMS Alliance Legislative Workshop is held to keep our physicians informed of proposed legislation impacting the medical community and give area physicians the opportunity to discuss important issues with their legislators. Proposed legislation was presented by Indiana State Medical Society Government Affairs Director, Mike Rinebold. During the evening, attendees were updated on the challenges to the Medical Malpractice Act of 1975 and the Patient Compensation Fund, which caps medical damages to $1.25 million dollars and keeps medical malpractice premiums in Indiana the lowest in the country. Physicians, spouses, residents and medical students were given the opportunity to discuss with their local state legislators issues and problems affecting their medical practices and propose solutions.

These issues affect every physician in Indiana and communication between the local state legislators and the physicians is vital. This evening is a real opportunity to get to know your legislators personally. They rely on physicians educating them on medical matters. If you attended this year, thank you. If you were unable to attend, I would strongly encourage you to make the time to attend next year and make your voice heard.

Also that evening, the FWMS Alliance recognized members Vivian Priddy and Sylvia Scheeringa for their leadership and service as the originators of the Legislative Workshop. We would like to thank both ladies for their dedicated service to the FWMS Alliance. Vivian is a passionate advocate of the medical community and Alliance mentor. Sylvia is a strong leader and voice of the medical family. Together they created this forum of discussion between legislators and area physicians. One result of this unique partnership was funds to build Fort Wayne’s new medical school facility on the campus at IPFW. They also helped solve the problem of physician accounts receivable and delinquent payments by insurance companies to physicians. This event continues to evolve around relevant medical issues and we are so thankful to Vivian and Sylvia for creating this evening of partnership, exchange and legislative advocacy.

Finally, this year’s event was also a time of reflection on the lifetime of service by State Representative Phyllis Pond. Phyllis advocated for our local community and for outstanding health practices here in Fort Wayne. She was first elected to the Indiana House of Representatives in 1978 and served for 35 years. Phyllis was the longest serving female representative in the history of Indiana and was designated a Sagamore of the Wabash by the Governor for her achievements. She was the first female to earn the coveted chair in the first row of the General Assembly usually given to the Speaker. She facilitated physicians and politicians working as a united force. Phyllis Pond will be dearly missed. Our sincere condolences go out to Dr. Bill and Mrs. Cami Pond and their family.

The FWMS Alliance also used this event to educate our medical students and residents on contract negotiation. The Alliance would like to promote retention of these future physicians here in Fort Wayne.

This evening was a real celebration of our unique Fort Wayne community, where physicians see the importance of communicating with their representatives and keeping health a priority. Thank you Cami Pond-FWMS Alliance Legislative Chair, Dr. Whitman-ISMA Chairman of the Board, Joan Vidic- ISMA Alliance State President, Dr. Fen-lei Chang-FWMS President and Assistant Dean of the Indiana University School of Medicine, and Alice DiNovo for your tireless effort to make this event a success.

The FWMS Alliance Holiday Lunch and Bazaar was held on December 4th at the Fort Wayne Country Club. This event is a holiday highlight for our members, their friends and families. I would like to thank Dawn Davis and Jennifer Bojrab for making this a ‘very, merry’ holiday event. Members were able to enjoy lunch and shop with our fabulous vendors who donate a portion of their sales back to the Alliance. It was a wonderful event and we all enjoyed seeing friends and getting a head start on our holiday shopping.


Soon spring will be upon us and we are excited for the 2014 Doctor’s Day on March 1st from 10-3 pm. Maria Krach and Deanne Baker have been hard at work to make sure this free family event will be entertaining and educational. Please join us at Science Central to explore and enjoy hands-on-activities and demonstrations with emphasis on medicine and medical careers. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Deanne at 260-438-4466. We look forward to seeing you there!

The FWMS Alliance will host Cinderella Dress Day on April 12TH from 9-2 pm. Come and enjoy the magic of being a fairy godmother to the female HS students of Allen County as they learn about relevant health topics and then participate in our free prom wear program. This community service event is growing with each sprinkle of fairy dust. Last year we had over 200 young ladies attend and we would like your help to spread the word and double this number. Any high school student is welcome to join us at the ‘International Ballroom’ at IPFW. We encourage churches and community organizations to contact us and bring their group to this special day. Please contact Charlene Pierce to volunteer 260-341-2765 or if you have any questions.

If you are new to Fort Wayne, or if you have lived here for years but have not attended one of our events, let me encourage you to come out and enjoy one of our programs. We love new faces and look forward to spending time with other spouses who want to make Fort Wayne the best place to live and practice medicine. The FWMS Alliance is so thankful to each of our members who are willing to take the time and serve our community bringing together ‘spouses who care, with programs that matter’. Please visit our website at for any questions or comments or Facebook ‘Fort Wayne Medical Society Alliance’.