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FWMS Physician Exemplar Award and FWMS–Alliance Serving with Grace Award

During this May’s Annual Fort Wayne Medical Society and FWMS -Alliance Dinner Meeting, two inaugural awards were presented. Michael Mastrangelo, M.D. was the recipient of the Fort Wayne Medical Society Physician Exemplar Award, and Heather Tanner received the Alliance “Serving with Grace Award”.

The following inscription appears on the Physician Exemplar Award plaque:

Each member of our Medical Society is a valued contributor to the mission of the organization and the profession it represents. That is because each throughout their career and in their own style brings to their patients, colleagues and community the attributes of professionalism,competence, leadership and service. Included are those whose career may be primarily based in patient care, medical education, research, administration, or combinations thereof. There are always some who are especially noteworthy for their contributions, and thus deserving of special recognition for being true “exemplars.”

A videotaped interview with Dr. Mastrangelo was shown as part of the celebration. It can be viewed online at the Society website: The Serving with Grace Award presentation was delivered by Alliance president Veydra van de Leur,the text of which appears on the following page.

The Physician Exemplar Award plaque will remain in the Society office. Dr. Mastrangelo received a DVD of the videotaped interview along with copies for each of his four children, all of whom reside out of state. Two of them, Nina and Vince, were able to be present for the celebration.

These awards recognize the impact of the presence of these persons amongst us. The very existence of the awards themselves also says something about the role we perceive for the Medical
Society and Alliance in our community.

– Fort Wayne
Medical Society
Fort Wayne Medical
Society Alliance

Download the PDF for more information.