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Fort Wayne Medical Society – Alliance


FWMS Spring Alliance Maria Krach, President


I would really like to thank the FWMSA Board for a successful twelve months of our eighteen month run. We have put an emphasis on strategic planning in the areas of Communication, Governance, Programs and

Membership. The board has been very busy with extra planning and brainstorming meetings to make

the FWMSA a strong organization in Fort Wayne, in Indiana, and nationally.

We had an eventful fall for our members. We had great attendance at: the September Fall Welcome held at Betty Canavati’s, the Legislative Symposium at Sycamore Hills Country Club, and the Medical /Dental Alliance Mixer at Baker Street. This year members of the Medical and Dental Alliances donated linens, infant supplies, and toiletries to the YWCA as part of the AMA-A national SAVE (Stop America’s Violence Everywhere) campaign. Representatives from the Dental Alliance (Kim Stronczek and Kos Lugakingira) and the Medical Alliance (Jennifer Bojrab and Dawn Davis) delivered all the donations the following week.

The Alliance has been experimenting with adding new fun or educational events (pop-up events) to the calendar to increase member involvement. We held a tutorial at the Verizon store on Illinois Road in October to answer member’s questions about their smart phones and devices. In February, a scarf tying class was held at the North End (NE) in Roanoke. The best part of the scarf tying event was meeting the lovely women of the NE and spending time with other Alliance members.

One of the goals for the 2016-17 calendar year was to offer an event for the medical residents in Fort Wayne. SYM Financial Advisors sponsored a lovely dinner and talk on investing to a group of 20 residents and spouses this past November at Biaggi’s.

We finished 2016 with our annual Holiday Luncheon and Bazaar Fundraiser in December, which was held at the Landmark. Over 60 Alliance members and friends attended and were able to shop at local vendors, including many FWMSA businesses.  Items were collected for Healthier Moms and Babies and money raised at the event will benefit our many philanthropic efforts. Congratulations to Rhonda Kachman for winning the $600 prize basket in the very entertaining game of Antlers and Tails. I want to thank Dawn Davis and Jennifer Bojrab for their time planning and hosting this event during a very busy time of the year.

Our two community service projects occur each spring: the 22nd Annual Doctor’s Day on March 4th and Cinderella Dress Day on March 25th. Both events require many volunteers, so we appreciate members who take the time to help support physically and/or financially so these events can be successful. Our community recognizes FWMSA as the organizers of these two events and we have partnered with many other Fort Wayne businesses to make these events a   success.

The 22nd Annual Doctor’s Day was held on March 4, 2017. With the admission underwritten by Parkview and Lutheran Hospitals and SYM Financial Group, over 1800 adults and kids were able to participate in the activities at the booths that are sponsored by the hospitals as well as many other health-related organizations in our community. A $500 donation from Isa Canavati provided over 150 health- related prizes that were given away at the event. Four youth bicycles were donated by Keith Davis. Alliance members donated 20 grocery bags filled with healthy food choices for a day. Medical Students from Indiana University and Marian University and residents from the Fort Wayne Medical Education Program volunteer every year to get kids excited about their health and careers in medicine. We are proud to offer this wonderful educational event to the public.

Our annual Cinderella Dress Day was on March 25th. More information about this event will be shared in the Summer issue of the Fort Wayne Medicine Quarterly.

The FWMSA is bringing back last year’s popular event, Spring Fling, on the evening of Sunday, April 23rd, 2017 at UMI restaurant at 2912 Getz Road. Please mark your calendars for this couples’ event featuring music, prizes, and a relaxed atmosphere. Alliance members, check your email for details in the next few weeks. Please contact Vivian Tran at [email protected] for information.

Lastly, the FWMS Alliance is expanding its Health Career Scholars program in order for a greater impact in the Fort Wayne community in 2017. This year we will be awarding over $4500 in three different settings. Following our 75+ year tradition, $1500 will be awarded through the original Alliance program to a commendable BA student at the University of St. Francis. New this year, a deserving high school senior will be awarded a $1000 scholarship through the Boys & Girls Club. Their Graduation Celebration will be held on June 17th at the Fairfield Avenue B&G Club.   Lastly, $2000 will be awarded at Tapestry on April 28th, 2017 in conjunction with the Fort Wayne Medical Society. Together we will donate $4000 to Tapestry for deserving IPFW students. The scholarship will be recognized as the Dr. John Csicsko Memorial Health Care Scholarship. As always, all scholarship recipients are health career students.

Please check out our website at to see what we are doing! You are welcome to attend board meetings and, of course, all our programs and events.

Maria Krach

FWMSA President 2016-17



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