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Fort Wayne Medical Society – Alliance


FWMS Spring Alliance Maria Krach, President



Since taking office in January, the FWMSA has had a very busy winter and spring! We have small groups of board members engaged in determining different aspects of our strategic plan for the future. At a recent workshop, we discussed who and what we are-physician spouses: connecting, promoting, and supporting in our medical community.

Connecting with other Physician Families:

Membership: I was recently asked, by a physician spouse, “Why should I join the FWMSA?” I answered without much hesitation; we are the only organization of its type that cares about the future of the medical family and its impact in our community. We want this to be a community that attracts medical professionals and plays a role in the legislative arena protecting sound medical practice and reasonable medical malpractice laws. Plus we promote and support great projects in our community and form wonderful friendships with other Alliance members.

Many Alliance supporters join at all three levels of membership, including local, state and national. Locally, we are just shy of 100 members plus 30 family practice residents/spouses, thanks to the efforts of our membership committee. Several of our members are involved at the state and national levels. Their Alliance commitments insure the Indiana and national medical communities are well represented. I would like to thank all our members for your generosity and continued support.

We look forward to connecting with past members and meeting any new members at our Annual Membership Tea scheduled for September 14th. More details are posted on our website.

Spring Fling: Fifty members and their guests had a chance to relax and enjoy a fabulous dinner together at our Spring Fling held on April 24th at Club Soda. The weather was great and guests were able to spend some lighthearted time on the balcony socializing prior to dinner. Vivian Tran and Nasreen Ahmed worked hard planning this very successful evening of food, fun and friendship.

FWMS Annual Dinner: Several Alliance members attended the annual FWMS Dinner in May. The FWMSA would like to thank Dr. Bill Clark for his years of service as the Editor of the FWMS Quarterly. We greatly appreciate the space devoted to the FWMSA in every issue. We especially want to thank him for his contributions to the Fort Wayne Medical Community!

Promoting Community Health Education and Service:

Our two largest community service projects occurred in March. The most recent project Cinderella Dress Day was a huge success! Chair Nasreen Ahmed reported, “March 19th, 2016 was a beautiful, sunny day for 370 young women, 50 volunteers, 25 vendor staffs and many family members of the young attendees. Cinderella Dress Day is a completely free community event seeking to provide young women a platform to understand the importance of their health and wellbeing and, of course, get a free prom dress. The Alliance (with the support of Peerless Cleaners) collects hundreds of dresses each year. Over 1500 dresses were sorted and tagged and over 1000 accessories, including jewelry, wraps, purses, and shoes, were available this year. Parkview Regional Medical Center’s “Don’t Text and Drive” and Lutheran Health Network’s “Healthy Eating” were among the most popular health fair booths. With attendees from 48 zip codes and 49 schools, we see a great need for this event. The Alliance wishes to thank the medical community for their support as it continues to grow and reach further into Northeast Indiana. Please mark your calendar for March 25th, 2017 as we gear up for next year’s Cinderella Dress Day.”

I congratulate the leadership of Nasreen and her committee for their efforts. We are always striving to increase the number of attendees so they can enjoy the fun of their prom with less cost, as well as increase their knowledge of health-related topics facing teens through our health fair.

In May, several members participated in a service day at Wellspring Shoppe, which is a program sponsored by Wellspring Interfaith Social Services that distributes clothing and household goods to over 1000 needy individuals and families. Alliance member, Laura Schreck, is the Shoppe coordinator.

In October, a member/family service day is being planned at the Fort4Fitness Run/Walk. Further details will be posted on our website, if you wish to join us.

Supporting Medical Education:

Health Careers Scholarship: The FWMSA celebrated the 76th year of Health Careers Scholarship by awarding two students $1500 each toward their education. This year McKenzy Yates and Micaya Quinone proved to excel in both the classroom and clinical setting for nursing at the University of Saint Francis.

McKensie stated, “It can be difficult at times to balance school and work. After finishing my BSN, I hope to work in the Emergency Department for a few years to gain experience. My long term goal is to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. I have a passion for helping people through difficult times, whether that be through treating their illness, or be the support system to help them get through their illness.”

Micayla has won the scholarship twice. She currently works at Dupont Hospital as a telemetry monitor tech. She says, “There is so much I learn as a student nurse that I can apply to my current job and the same with my job helping me become a better student nurse. There is a lot of pressure out there and it is nice to know when you get a scholarship, that someone is out there backing you up, believing that you are putting your all into something you are passionate about.”

We congratulate both future nurses on their diligence and motivation to student nurse excellence.

I would like to thank Melissa Somerville and her committee for choosing the winners. These awards remind our members of the annual commitment the FWMSA has made in supporting students pursuing careers in healthcare fields: nursing, radiology and surgical technology, physical and occupational therapy. We would like to also thank SYM Financial Advisors for underwriting a portion of the scholarship expense.

IU School of Medicine Support:

Please join us for the 7th Annual Docs vs Suits softball game fundraiser on Wednesday August 24th at 7 pm at Parkview Field. The game is a great way to show support to “our” medical students and welcome them into our medical community. It is also a fundraiser for the Alliance. The money raised at the event is returned to the school in the form of game sponsorship and food throughout the academic year.



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