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Medicine Quarterly Vol 13

FWMS Spring cover Spring 2015:  Vol 13, Issue 1

Here’s what you will find inside this issue:

  • A Surfeit of Good Things
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea – Update 2015
  • The Role of Genomic Profiling in Cancer Therapy
  • Child Developmental Delays – Early Diagnosis


FWMS Qtrly Summer 2015_cover Summer 2015:  Vol 13, Issue 2

Here’s what you will find inside this issue:

  • President’s Message
  • Why Doctors Come – Why Doctors Go
  • Matthew 25 Clinic:  In the World of “Universal” Access
  • Accidental Opiate Overdose Deaths
  • Cancer Biomarker Testing
  • Neighborhood Health Clinics (NHCI):  Past and Present
  • Q-fever:  A Case to be Remembered
  • Student Research Fellowship Program (SRFP)


FWMS Q_Fall 2015_cover-1 Fall 2015:  Vol 13, Issue 3

Here’s what you will find inside this issue:

  • President’s Message
  • The Sixty-Four Dollar Question
  • Physician Burn-Out:  Reinventing the Self
  • Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Plaquenil Toxicity in the Retina
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Fort Wayne’s Distinguished Surgeon:  Miles Fuller Porter, M.D.
  • STD Treatment Guidelines Update


FWMS Q Winter 2015-2016 cover Winter 2015:  Vol 13, Issue 4

Here’s what you will find inside this issue:

  • President’s Message
  • Editor’s note:  What time is it?
  • The Hartford Consensus-Stop the Bleeding
  • Assessment of Drivers at Risk
  • Pregnancy and STI’s
  • Testosterone Rx – you make the call
  • Doctorate Degrees in Physical Therapy – Trine University
  • Also_  New members, memorials, news from IUSM, Alliance, and Hospitals

An open invitation for submission of photographs to  appear on covers of the Fort Wayne Medicine Quarterly:

Over the years, several of our Society members and other readers have responded to our requests to use

photos they had taken to serve as covers for our publication.  For a few of our colleagues photography is an

avocation and their work is of professional quality.  The era of digital photography and mini-cameras with

‘auto’ modes has opened the door for casual picture-takers to generate noteworthy results.  Photos need to

be of at least 300 dpi, and can be sent as an attachment to an e-mail:  [email protected]  Brief

comment from the photographer about the picture will be included in the publication. Submission of a

photo does not insure its appearance on a cover or within the pages of the Quarterly, but will at the very

least be acknowledged with a personalized thank you.

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