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President’s Message


Summer 2015

Waterson, Zachry

Zachry L. Waterson, D.O., FAAFP

President’s Message: A Final Farewell

It has been a wonderful ride this last year. I cannot believe my term as FWMS President has come to an end. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and wish to thank you all for the opportunity. I am pleased to be handing off the gavel to Dr. Tom Kintanar, M.D. I have known Tom for a long time and want you all to know you will be well served by your next president. He has been engaged in organized medicine local, regionally, and nationally.

As I look back and reflect on the last year, I had many wonderful experiences but the one thing I found most rewarding was simply getting involved. If there is one recommendation I would encourage all of the physicians of FWMS to do…it would be to Engage! I know your time is limited, precious, and a non-renewable resource but it is in your and the future of medicine’s best interest for more physicians to advocate for the profession.  There are numerous ways to advocate but one of the most effective is to get involved with Organized Medicine. FWMS offers you the opportunity to do just that.  Consider running for the Board of Trustees, or as a Delegate or an Alternate Delegate. Your voice has the ability to be heard by a much larger audience by joining the society.

To change gears, I would also like to update everyone on the status of Graduate Medical Education in the region. Fort Wayne Medical Education Program (FWMEP) has plans to expand the Family Medicine Residency from 30 total residents to 36 residents by 2019-2020. This would effectively increase each class to a total of 12 residents. FWMEP was successful in acquiring funds from the Indiana GME Expansion Grant to help reduce the financial burden on our sponsoring hospitals for the increase in resident compliment. FWMEP and IUSM- FW are collaborating on a number of projects to better integrate medical student education with that of the residents. As we look into the future, FWMEP is collaborating with our sponsoring hospitals and IUSM-FW to look at increasing the number of visiting residents in other specialties, such as: Gen Surgery, IM, Psych, ER, and Gyn/Onc.  There is work being done to look at the feasibility of starting new residency programs in other specialties, such as some of those listed above. To accomplish this growth in GME, we will need ALL of our hospital medical staff members to consider teaching residents and medical students (see page 36). Finding physicians willing to teach continues to be a struggle for both the residency program and the medical school.

So in closing, I would like to say thank you again for the opportunity to serve as your president. I encourage you to strongly consider getting involved in the FWMS. I request you consider getting involved in teaching medical students and residents. Lastly, I would like to personally thank Alice DiNovo, Executive Director, Sharon Singleton, MD, President of FWMS Foundation, and Fen-Lei Chang, MD, Chairman of the Board. These members of the FWMS were tremendous resources for me and provided me with excellent guidance throughout the year.