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President’s Message


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Ryan Singerman, DO FWMS Incoming President

President’s Message:  Greetings

I am honored and humbled to be elected as the incoming president of our Medical Society.  I have been participating with both the Fort Wayne Medical Society and the Indiana State Medical Association for several years, advocating for our physicians and patients.  Through these actions I have seen the fabric of our American healthcare system in a different light and it’s not very pretty. We are all trying to practice medicine while standing in sand that is ever shifting beneath our feet, with new regulations, mandates, financial pressures, public health concerns, and health care institutions all contributing to our daily stressors.  Most of us hate change, yet one of the few things certain in life IS change.

With change we must also be fluid, both in practice and in our Medical Society.  With nearly all physicians employed by large entities and the small practices becoming virtually extinct our Medical Society must face new challenges and shift its focus.  Physician burnout is at an all-time high.  We need to be engaging our doctors and their families early on, helping to preserve that fire before it snuffs out.  Work-life balance is an impossible task, but we can help by being a society of like-minded individuals who encourage and build each other up.

We have two large competing medical groups in town and it appears that a third will be joining the fray.  From my interactions within our society I feel that the collegiality and friendships between physicians extends well beyond the corporate boundaries regardless of competitors.  That said, our Medical Society will be the neutral ground where we can come together whether we bleed blue, red, or green, to ensure that the needs of our physicians, their families, our patients, town and county are held above any market pressure.

I would also like to see our Medical Society within the realm of research and education as well as socially.  To that end, we will be looking to hold more social events to engage our physicians and their families in order to continue building stronger bonds across the corporate lines.  As for research, we’ll be working on supporting funding and guidance for all levels, whether they be student, resident, or practicing physician who wants to expand the boundaries of medical knowledge.

Our board has been diligently working to serve our members. We have for the first time in many years gotten a working budget and are going through a foundation audit to ensure that we are compliant with state and federal laws.  We are striving to find new ways to meet the needs of our physicians and their families but we are a small group. Our bi-monthly meetings are open to ALL our members and we want your input!  Please come by, email or call with your thoughts and ideas, as any quality product is only as good as the sum of its parts.

Thank you for the privilege of serving as your President.  I look forward to engaging with you over the course of the next twelve months!