Please allow me to introduce myself as your new President of the Fort Wayne Medical Society.  I am excited to lead the organization along with your Board of Trustees and our new Executive Director, Joel Harmeyer.  Just as medicine is ever changing, so must our society evolve to meet new challenges on the horizon in our medical community. The past year has been busy for our team as we have attempted to lead through the changes and challenges of saying goodbye to our previous Executive Director, Alice DiNovo.  She has been on our staff for 27 years.  She has become the face of our society over time, it seems, and is always there to greet any of our members with a smile and genuine inquiry of our wellbeing.  In her early years she was the support behind Win Rood, who made the society function and gradually took over more and more duties.  In 2016 she took over the executive director position when Mr. Rood retired, and she has shown her amazing talent to keep things moving forward based on her years of institutional memory with the society. We will miss you, Alice!  The society will never be the same!  We wish you many wonderful adventures with your family in retirement.

While facing the certainty of change in our leadership and our staff, we realized that our current organizational bylaws were very outdated and in need of revision to meet our current practice.  As our membership now exceeds 1000 physicians, we must have a leadership structure that can function to meet the demands of the organization.  The proposed updated version of the bylaws has been distributed. We need the assistance of all our members to vote on the changes so that they can be implemented.  We appreciate the participation of all our members in this task.

I would like to take a moment to congratulate the Indiana State Medical Association on another successful legislative year.  For those of you who are unaware, the legislative process for ISMA actually begins at the annual convention, which will be held this year on Sept 14 and 15. During the convention the delegates discuss and vote on issues facing the organization both within ISMA as well as issues that impact public health and the practice of medicine across the state. Many of these issues are then subsequently addressed in state legislation and the ISMA legislative team can use the opinions and resolutions from the convention to lobby for physicians of Indiana.  We typically do not have enough physicians from our region to fill our allotted delegates at convention and are still looking for volunteers for this year’s convention.  Its important for our district to share our opinions and to be heard.  One of the most controversial bills that was defeated this year in Indiana state legislation involved the independent practice for nurse practitioners.  We appreciate those of you who became actively involved and engaged your legislators regarding this issue.  This kind of legislation has potential to greatly impact our practice and the overall care for our patients for years to come.  Its important for the voice of our physicians to be heard.

Finally, I would like to share a few words on a more personal note.  I would like to thank my family for their support of my career over my 18 years as an emergentologist with Professional Emergency Physicians. They have been my rock and my support after a bad shift or a frustrating encounter; and also my celebratory team after a great day.  My husband has been instrumental in caring for our three sons at home which has allowed me to focus each day on my patients without worry or distraction.  I am so proud of the three young men they have become.  For many of us, our support team is critical in keeping our lives in balance.  We often don’t give them enough credit or thanks! 

The Board of Trustees and I look forward to a great year ahead.  We are always looking for opportunities to meet the needs of our members and are happy to hear any suggestions you may have.  Look for a redesigned website, a presence with social media, improved philanthropic focus to our medical community, and continued focus on legislation in partnership with ISMA.  Thanks for entrusting us with your membership and thanks for your support!

Sara Brown, MD FACEP

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709 Clay St # 101, Fort Wayne, IN 46802, USA

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