With a great deal of gratitude and humility, I accepted the honor of becoming the next President of the Fort Wayne Medical Society.


I have been in the same neurosurgery private practice group for more than thirty years, during which the way medicine is practiced has seen relentless evolution. Physician groups used to be on the staff of all the hospitals in Allen County. With hospitals being incorporated into two main competitors, Lutheran and Parkview Health, and more recently IU Health, we have seen most physician groups split and chose hospital employment. To some degree we may have become “polarized’, with some loss of the sense of collegiality. Fortunately, the FWMS has remained a steady catalyst in providing a sense of cohesion.


I have been on the FWMS Board of Trustees for 6 years, during which I witnessed physicians from diverse employment, sitting across the table and working hard to do what is in the best interest of our medical community. During my tenure on the board, I witnessed many positive changes:

· up grading the by-laws, spearheaded by Dr. Sarah Brown,

· the establishment of a budget, guided by Dr. Scott Stienecker,

· sharpening the Society and Foundation’s missions and focusing the target of our Foundation’s charitable contributions, led by Drs. Sharon Singleton and Fen-Lei Chang,

· upgrading our logos and website, utilizing social media, and the use of webinars coordinated by our enthusiastic and dedicated past-president, Dr. Erin Jefferson, who worked closely with our Executive Director, Joel Harmeyer.


The society has continued to partner with the IU School of Medicine and the FW Medical Education Program, thus showing support to the medical students and residents. It has also been continuously supportive of the Medical Alliance, who organize social programs, thus creating a welcoming atmosphere to prospective physician families, and inducing a sense of camaraderie. In addition, we support the Alliance financially so that their charitable goals and ours intersect.

The FWMS ensures that Northeast Indiana is well represented at the Indiana State Medical Association, by sending elected delegates to the annual meeting, held usually in mid-September. During this convention, resolutions are reviewed by the appropriate subcommittees, prior to submission to the general session for a vote. Examples of issues addressed over the last few years are:

  • opiate prescribing,

  • cannabis medical use,

  • insurance prior authorization policies,

  • mid-level practitioners supervision, and

  • non-compete clauses in physician employment.

Once resolutions are adopted by ISMA, they are taken up by the legislative team and presented to lawmakers. The Indiana malpractice law remains favorable, however various forces and special interests have always tried to undermine it, with some success. Our professional associations have been crucial in safeguarding physician interests, so as to maintain favorable work environment for prospective practitioners.


I feel privileged to serve the FWMS and its’ membership and look forward to working with the Board of Trustees and the administrative team.