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Board Officers

Sara Brown MD
Erin Jefferson DO
Ryan Singerman DO
     Immediate Past President
Sharon Singleton MD
     President FWMS Foundation
Fen-Lei Chang MD
     Chairman of the Board
Geoff Cly MD
Scott Stienecker MD
Joel Harmeyer
     Executive Director

Board Members

Isa Canavati MD
David Donaldson MD
Francis Esguerra MD
Donald Giant MD
Brian Herr MD
Anna Menze DO
Steven Ko MD
David Pepple MD
William Pond MD
Abhijit Shukla MD
Zachry Waterson
     Director of FWMEP
Brian Henriksen PhD –
     Affiliate Board Member
Cammy Sutter –
President – Alliance
Camille Pond –
     President, AMA Alliance
Ryan Singerman DO –
     12th District Trustee
Erin Jefferson DO –
     12th District Alt Trustee
David Pepple MD –
     12th District President
Scott Stienecker MD –
     12th District Treasurer


Sara Brown MD
Isa Canavati MD
Kathryn Carboneau MD
Fen-Lei Chang MD
Sampath Ethiraj MD
Donald Giant MD
Tom Gutwein MD
Jason Hanna MD
Erin Jefferson DO
Tyler Johnson MD
Steven Ko MD
Deborah McMahan MD
Mary Ann Meo DO
David Pepple MD
William Pond MD
Barbara Schroeder MD
Brianna Serbus MD
Abhijit Shukla MD
Ryan Singerman DO
David Sorg MD
Scott Stienecker MD
Jed Tompkins DO
Zachry Waterson DO



We Need Your Help!!

Please take a few minutes and read through the following questions then send us your responses.  We are really looking for input from each of our members.  Please email your responses to us at [email protected] .

  1.  What has this medical society meant to you or done for you?
  2.  What services or support should this medical society offer to our members in the future?
  3.  How can we make FWMS membership more appealing?
  4. What keeps you from becoming involved and how can we change that?
  5. Would you participate in a wellness program for mind, body and soul if it was offered and it could be done anonymously?


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Candace Backer, LCSW, LCAC
Physician Assistance Program Coordinator, COPA

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